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Our skilled technicians at Goff Plumbing ensure top-notch toilet installation with a commitment to excellence. Trust us for reliable, expert service every time.

No Hassle Repairs

Say goodbye to plumbing headaches with our efficient and stress-free repair solutions. We handle the hard work so you can enjoy peace of mind.

Affordable Pricing

Enjoy top-quality toilet installation & repairs at prices that won't strain your budget. Goff Plumbing offers exceptional service with competitive, fair rates.

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Unmatched Expertise

At Goff Plumbing, we bring over 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry. Our team is made up of certified professionals who specialize in water heaters, water softeners, and toilet installation and repair. We stay updated with the latest technology and techniques to ensure your water heater is installed efficiently and correctly the first time. You can trust us to handle any make or model with ease.

Great Customer Service

We treat our customers like family. From the moment you call us, you'll see our commitment to great service. We provide clear communication, upfront pricing, and follow-up support to make sure you’re happy with our work. Our 5-star reviews show our dedication to your comfort and convenience.

Fast and Reliable

We know water heater problems and toilet issues can mess up your day. That’s why we offer quick and reliable service. Whether you need an emergency replacement or a scheduled installation, we’re here to get your hot water running again fast or elevate your bathroom. Our goal is to provide quick solutions without sacrificing quality.

Why We’re Unique?

Goff Plumbing is special because we care deeply about quality and our community. We are locally owned and operated, so we truly care about our neighbors. Our technicians get ongoing training to stay ahead of industry standards, making sure you get top service every time. Plus, we offer a satisfaction guarantee because we believe in our work and want you to feel confident choosing us. When you hire Goff Plumbing, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting a trusted partner to keep your home comfortable and safe.

Our Services

Goff Plumbing Davis County

About Goff Plumbing

I was born and raised in Utah and love this state. I am a Husband, Father and Plumber, of course. I receive much gratification by conducting my work with honesty and integrity. Precision, efficiency and using only quality parts allows me to create the highest quality of work. I take pride in a job done right and with cleanliness.

Goff Plumbing Davis County

About Goff Plumbing

I was born and raised in Utah and love this state. I am a Husband, Father and Plumber, of course. I receive much gratification by conducting my work with honesty and integrity. Precision, efficiency and using only quality parts allows me to create the highest quality of work. I take pride in a job done right and with cleanliness.

Toilet Installation

Upgrade your bathroom with our professional toilet installation service. We ensure a quick and clean installation, giving you a perfectly functioning toilet without any hassle. We handle everything ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Commercial Toilet Installation

Keep your business running smoothly with our reliable commercial toilet installation service. Our expert plumbers handle installations for any commercial setting, ensuring durability and efficiency for high-traffic use.

Water Heater Replacement

If your old water heater is beyond repair, our replacement service at Goff Plumbing offers a hassle-free solution. Enjoy the benefits of a new, high-performance unit installed by our skilled team.

What Our Customers Say

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I have owned residential real estate properties for 49 years now and had all types of plumbing problems and used many plumbers over the years but my experiences with Goff Plumbing have been the best. I have used them for many repairs , new water heaters, water softeners, plumbing remodels in my units etc. for about seven years now. Malachi, the owner, is always very personable, respectful, and conscientious. He is honest and fair with his pricing and reliable in all aspects of getting the job done properly and timely. he has done many of my jobs, and I’ve had at least three of his other employees come to do various jobs at times as well and all of them are competent plumbers and good quality people as well. I have referred them to friends of mine and relatives as well, and they are always pleased with the experience and results as well.
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Exceptional experience. I live in Farmington, Utah (Davis County). They gave me a heads-up text before my appointment, they put down plastic to protect the stairs and carpets, they were fast and efficient. It was honestly an exceptional experience. We had two water heaters replaced and we also had a few "odds and ends" done with our plumbing. They made our piping look so much better than it did previously. It looks a lot more stable and...just nicer. I usually would take plumbing changes for granted, but even my kids have noticed how good everything works now. I couldn't recommend Goff Plumbing higher!
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I can say with confidence I have never had such wonderful experience in customer service than what my wife and I experienced with Goff Plumbing in past few weeks. Malachi and his team are amazing. We had multiple plumbing issues in our home and each one was solved. Perhaps the experience we had with our water heater was the best. Malachi was asked to inspect one of the water heaters in our home that we suspected might be faulty. He could have come back and said it needed to be replaced and we would have not given it further thought. But he found it still had a few weeks warranty on it. He replaced it under warranty! Just incredible honesty. I have no reservations who I will refer any of my family and friends to.
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Our hot water wasn’t working to our kitchen sink but was working everywhere else in the house. I had Goff come out to check it and they figured out the problem pretty quickly. I’ve used them previously to replace a pressure reducing valve and water main shut off and both times they’ve come out they’ve been on time, professional, and are reasonably priced. I’m so happy to have found a great plumber in Farmington! Would 100% recommend and will use again!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers to help you find the
answers you’re looking for faster.


There are a few reasons your water heater might not be heating water. First, check the thermostat to ensure it’s set correctly. If it’s electric, the heating elements might be faulty. For gas heaters, the pilot light might be out, or there could be an issue with the gas supply. If none of these seem to be the problem, it might be time to call a professional to inspect and repair it.

You should flush your water heater at least once a year. Flushing helps remove sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank, which can improve efficiency and extend the life of your water heater. Sediment can cause the heater to work harder, leading to higher energy bills and potential damage over time.

Look out for these signs that indicate it might be time for a new water heater:

Age: Most water heaters last about 8-12 years.
Rusty water: This could mean the tank is rusting internally.
Noise: Rumbling or banging noises suggest sediment buildup.
Leaks: Any water pooling around the unit is a clear sign of trouble.
Inefficiency: If your hot water runs out quickly or isn’t as hot as it used to be, your heater might be failing.

It depends on your needs and preferences. Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand and are more energy-efficient, as they don’t heat water continuously. However, they have a higher upfront cost. Traditional tank models are less expensive initially but can be less energy-efficient and take up more space. Consider factors like budget, household size, and energy efficiency goals when making your decision.

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Our Core Values

Goff Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business committed to providing you with the highest quality plumbing services. Goff Plumbing is a name you can trust and we are your solution for all your plumbing needs. Our experienced team has the experience and training you need to prevent, maintain, and repair any plumbing problems. We pride ourselves on maintaining a neat, clean, and organized workspace when we are caring for your pipes, drains, toilets, and faucets. Our team stands behind our hard work and we pride ourselves on doing quality jobs at affordable rates.

Water heater after

Why Choose Us

We are Utah nativities and know the local area well. With well over twenty years of combined experience in the plumbing industry, our team of professionals has the skills you need for all your plumbing needs.

Unlike other plumbing companies in Utah, we are up front about the price. We put our prices in writing and our technicians provide you with the knowledge and information you need to make the best decisions for your home. We keep our trucks well-stocked with the necessary parts needed to complete a job in a timely manner. Our goal is to save you time and money, and we will work hard to ensure we meet these goals and exceed your expectations.

When you call for a plumber, we know you’re looking for more than basic plumbing services. We know you want to hire a plumber that is trustworthy and polite. Our team of professionals has years of experience in the plumbing industry. Each technician is friendly, courteous, and ready to answer any questions you have about your home’s plumbing system. We look forward to getting to know you and serving your family for years to come.

Quality, affordable work done for the best price around.

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